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Overfill Prevention Device fitted valves are the result of extensive research into improving gas safety for you and your gas tanks. The new OPD valves prevent overfilling of gas cylinders, making filling and using gas cylinders safer than ever before. They are also compatible with your current gas appliances so it is easy to upgrade.

Older style valves were more susceptible to overfilling which leaves no room for the liquid propane to expand. As a result gas may escape, creating a potentially hazardous situation. The revision of the National Fire Protection Association's Pamphlet 58 requires that all cylinders, 4 lb. Further, any cylinders of these sizes that are re-qualified must be equipped with an OPD valve.

If your cylinder is over 12 years old, it must be re-qualified before it can be refilled. It will be retrofitted with an OPD valve at the time of re-qualification. You can find the date of manufacture on the upper collar of your 20 cylinder. Effective April 1,no cylinder will be filled unless it is equipped with an OPD.

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Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Current Stock:. Valve is equipped with safety relief valve adjusted to 26 bar and 10m3 minimum gas outtake.

Quick view. Light Composite Caravan Bottle with Multivalve Super light refillable 11kg gas cylinder specially designed for Motorhomes. Great replacement of steel bottles with remote filler. External filling Out of stock Quick view. Add to Cart. Add to Cart Quick view. Out of stock. Customers Also Viewed. Forklift 10kg Shell W Manual Valve DIN The outlet is W LPG Shop 10kg Choose Options.

It does not come with any filler, frame or other accessories unless options selected. Choose Options Quick view.The lever can bereleased from a remote location by pulling on the cable attached to a pull ring, thus closing the internal valve. A built-in fusible element in thelatch release melts if exposed to fire allowing the operating lever to return to the closed position.

All working components are internal to the container connection preventingdamage to the valve should a roll-over incident occur.

Rotary Gauge System Cavagna Group rotary gauges can be used on stationary or mobile tanks to visually indicate the amount of LP-Gas in the container. They are also used in filling the tank to the proper liquid level.

cavagna cylinder valves

On mobile applications and some large stationary storage tanks, hangers are recommended to support the horizontal length of the dip tube. The gauge is operated by opening the small bleed orifice when the tube is in the vapor space of the tank.

Moving the pointer on the dial causes the end of the tube to move until it contacts liquid in the container.

OPD Valves

At that point, discharge from the bleed orifice turns from vapor to liquid and the rotary gauges dial gives the volume percen- tage of liquid in the tank. All gauges have stem and dip tubes with an extra large inside diameter. This assures that the correct liquid level can be obtained quickly.

They are intended to close when the liquid orvapor passing trough the hose or the piping system exceeds the prescribed flowrate. Valves are available in different sizes and body configurations. Once the pressure on both sides of the poppet is equal,a built in equalizing passage automatically opens the valve. They may also be mounted on the top for vapour service. Back Pressure Valves for Container or Line ApplicationsValves are intended to prevent liquid discharge when the desired flow is directed into the vessel thereby allowingthe flow in only one direction.

When coupled with the appropriate single check filler valve, the combination forms a double checkfiller valve suitable for use in filling of bulk storage tanks. Filler Valves Euro connection.

Please specify tank diameter when ordering. Service Valves Pre-applied sealant on the Pre-applied sealant on container connection. Safety Relief Valves Pre-applied sealant on Pre-applied sealant on the container connection.

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An optional instruction plate may be ordered for use Once installed the adapter will prevent any disconnection caused byaccidental rotations of the filling head. Ordering Information Integrated Hydrostatic Pressure Relief Valve. Single solution for all engine capacities.

ColorThe Filling Heads are supplied in the natural colors of the raw materials brass and Aluminium except for the clamp-ing brace, which is painted blue to ensure full corrosion-resistance and longer durability. The rubber materials used are devel- brass, aluminium and special polymers. The rubber materials used are devel-oped and manufactured according to the requirements of EN Search for:. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. A message from the Cavagna family Click here.

Transit bus engine fuel system powered by natural gas. A digital integrated Valve designed for Oxygen Therapy in hospitals. Pressure regulation station to supply Natural Gas to a thermal power plant. Natural gas regulators ensuring residential houses are safely fuelled. LPG meters connected to residential homes.

Valves and regulators servicing an LPG tank to supply energy in rural areas. Propane Cooking Equipment to grill food to perfection. A Natural gas governor to allow home appliances to operate safely.

A propane-powered Eco Mower.

cavagna cylinder valves

An Autogas fuel system for Taxis. SCBA valve for first response emergency rescue.

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Ponte San Marco, 24 March — pm. Medical gas valves in the time of Covid Coronavirus Covid, the Cavagna Group challenge. Coronavirus Covid, la sfida di Cavagna Group. China — Zhongshan Cavagna back to normal operations after lockdown.

Tweets by CavagnaGroup. Toggle Sliding Bar Area. Utilizziamo cookie analitici, anche di terze parti, al fine di monitorare il tuo comportamento sul sito web. Ok Info.Ergonomically designed with an attractive, compact, user friendly, casing. Please contact us for further information. Handwheel design permits easy access to the valve stem and bonnet to perform leak checks in compliance with DOT requirements Positive spindle nut seal with the valve body eliminates the need for constant tightening of packing nuts Robust brass handwheel prevents breakage and corrosion associated with aluminium versions Self locking zinc coated steel nut affi xes handwheel to the Sturdy Brass Stem Proven double O-Ring technology assures positive leak tight operation extending service life Easy low torque operation eliminates the need for wrenches or keys Soft seat extends service life and reduces leakage Please contact us for further information.

Suitable for several gases One, two, or three outlets Please contact us for further information. Easy Handwheel operation under high pressure Markings on the neck valve protects against damage O-Ring seal type valve Internal Bursting disc with coloured plastic cap Please contact us for further information.

Cylinder Bundle Connectors. Suitable for all non corrosive gases Brass Alloy Body Stainless steel or copper pigtails various dimensions and thread specifications Please contact us for further information.The demand for medical equipment has greatly increased due to the outbreak. C ompanies at the forefront of the supply of oxygen to hospital facilities, as well as pharmacies serving numerous patients at home, are finding that thousands of cylinders are being used and emptied daily.

Cavagna Group and many other companies have used their 3D printers to make a batch of specific valves requested by Brescia hospitals.

In conclusion, t he governing bodies and the Cavagna family wish to thank their employees, collaborators and suppliers, who with their great will and extraordinary sense of duty are working cohesively to overcome the most difficult social and economic moment from the post-war period to today. Search for:.

cavagna cylinder valves

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Previous Next. Why are medical gas valves considered essential goods? Related Posts. Coronavirus Covid, the Cavagna Group challenge.

Viproxy NEOS – Valve with integrated pressure regulator for oxygen

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Toggle Sliding Bar Area. Utilizziamo cookie analitici, anche di terze parti, al fine di monitorare il tuo comportamento sul sito web. Ok Info.The world continues to face health and economic crisis due to COVID pandemic impacting human lives. Despite the constraints and limited resources, we have boosted production of medical oxygen cylinder valves required by cylinder manufacturers and gas companies to ensure continuity of medical oxygen in hospitals and quarantine wards for patients to fight COVID We remain committed to support our customers and community by diverting our entire capacity during lockdown period to manufacture and supply gas cylinder valves for medical application and breathing purpose and chlorine valves required for wastewater treatment and water purification.

Strict measures continue to be taken to ensure the health and safety of our employees by social distancing and ensuring proper hygiene practices. We extend our sincere thanks to our employees, customers and medical community who are working tirelessly to manage the serious health emergency arising in India and around the world.

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